Megamorphic Church



Sunday Gatherings.

Join us for one of our church gatherings.
4.44pm // Sundays
7009 Bonnacrest Drive, Hermitage TN 37076

Prayer Jams.

Our 'God Band Prayer Jams', are a weekly opportunity to join together in prayer. 
We meet at 6pm on Monday's at our Church location.
Contact us if you have any prayer item's you'd like us to pray for or if you'd like to join us. 

Plug In’s.

This is what we call our small/home groups. We get together each week and alternate between what we call a “Megaknowledgies” where we do a Bible Study and share about what we’re reading/hearing at the moment, and “Giveaway Nights”, where we go out, hangout together, treat people in the community and be love in person to our neighbors.

Pummel the Flesh.

Our resident taskmaster and chief (also the Megamorphic Secretary), Raymond Barnett, is a US Marine Veteran who runs workouts for those who want to add some intensity to their fitness regime. 

Email: for additional details and to sign up for a class!


Team Music Club


This is an invitation for you, your family, neighborhood, school, Church plus all and any others, to discover the world of Team Music Clubs and musical game time! 
The concept is based on experience taking a music based program into over 350 schools nationwide in our original homeland, New Zealand, and working with over 80,000 students. We believe every child is a gift of God and that the kids these days are fantastic!!!!!
Team Music Clubs
– Enhancing family and community life with  Musical Game Time
- Making learning music fun through regular participation with others  
- Musical Ability Enhancement through hands on activities to reinforce lessons
- Performance Development  in affirmation zone environment
- Stimulating Creativity and excellence
Developing music crew experience with sound, lighting , video and more
- Fostering team work, social skills and leadership
- Providing community volunteer opportunities

CONTACT: Our Club Captain, Maghan Eversmith

Use on desktop/laptop computers or via dropbox

DONATE: to the Megamorphic Team Music Club