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1 cor 3:10-17 10 By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care. 11 For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12 If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, 13 their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work. 14 If what has been built survives, the builder will receive a reward. 15 If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames. 16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.

Mega Millennial Mandate 

Mega or multi or actually both. 

Mega because the mandate is from God who epitomizes the notion of mega, the mandate is throughout time and into eternity and applies to all people groups or nations. Multi because that is the way it first came to Caleb, it covers a number of millennia and also carried the notion of being a tad counter old school cultural, in the sense that there is a prevailing mindset among old school baby boomers that todays millennials don’t match up and are a real problem - yet it was a millennial that God chose to give this Mega multi-millennial mandate. In some ways it was the old school baby boomers who carried out their faith in a way that far too many people ended up with the impression that Christianity was the white man’s faith

The essence of the mega multi millennial mandate is that God offers the free gift of salvation to the people of every nation throughout the generations. This stands out as unique among all other faiths and all other nations 

The Church is a nation, a chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation 

God has eternal purpose for the nations Revelation 21:24-26 – particularly the phrase the Glory of the Nations 

The Biblical basis of the mandate 

Gen 17:5 “Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.”
Acts 2:1-21HANDY LINK reverse the Babel curse, Gen 10 and 11, variety of languages existed before Babel,
Acts 17:26 “And He has made from one [a]blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings,”
Acts 10:34-35 “34 Then Peter opened his mouth and said: “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. 35 But in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.”
Acts 15:16-17 
16 ‘After this I will return
And will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down;
I will rebuild its ruins,
And I will set it up;
17 So that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord,
Even all the Gentiles who are called by My name,
Says the [
a]Lord who does all these things.’”
Matthew 28 :18 to 20 – disciple all nations 

B.I.D –Biblically Informed Decision 

Do you have the free gift?
Are you sharing that gift with others?
Are you acting on the Mega millennial amandate to disciple all nations and teach them all  things 

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